Featured Wines of the Week 7/17/2017

“Featured Wines” are a new aspect of our menu to showcase varietals, regions, and styles that we love. In honor of our upcoming wine dinner on July 24th, we have two wines this week that highlight the region Vallee d’Aoste in Northern Italy. Our event is sold out and we are so looking forward to that evening. In featuring these wines, more people to have the opportunity partake in the fun and adventure!

Both of this week’s wines are from the Grosjean family winery. Their Fumin has been on our wine list for several years. We love this winery because, in addition to making great wines, they employ all organic and natural farming methods and completely avoid the use of pesticides. The winery was established in 1781 and has been passed generationally since.

Vallee d’Aoste is Italy’s smallest and highest elevation D.O.C. Surrounded by the alps, the hot, arid summers are perfect for winemaking and the sloped hills make mechanical farming methods nearly impossible.

The white wine feature is Petite Arvine. 70% of the wine is aged on lees while the other 30% is barrique aged. The result is a complex, balanced wine with great acid structure and reminiscent of pink grapefruit. Try this with our Seared Ahi Tuna.

The featured red is their Gamay. Traditionally a Burgundian varietal, gamay grows well on the high, steep slopes of the winery. The gamay is harvested in mid-september and aged in stainless steel tanks. The finished product shows soft tannins and a strawberry bouquet. Try this with our Meat Plate!

Each wine is $12 per glass and $48 per bottle. Half glass pours ($6) are also available.

If you would like to know more about the Grosjean label please click HERE.