Dining Out For Life

Please join us Thursday, April 24th as we will be participating in the very important “Dining Out For Life”. 25% of your food bill will be donated to The Aliveness Project, which assists adults and children living with and affected by Aids/HIV.

Nightingale Weekly Calendar

Sunday Supper-Every Sunday night, enjoy a three course prix fixe dinner ($35)

Taco Tuesday-A new taco every Tuesday for $4

Wednesday Fish Special-$14

Half Priced Wine Thursday

DJ’s from 10pm-2am Sunday-Thursday

See you Soon!

Star Tribune: Best Burgers In Minneapolis

Thanks to the cooking smarts of chef/co-owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston, the classic California cheeseburger ($12, with fries) lives a very good life at Nightingale. Brimming with a big, bold beefy bite, the quarter-pound patty is a half-and-half mix of chuck and a fat-laced brisket. The patties are fried, caramelizing in their own juices. A gutsy four-year-old Wisconsin Cheddar melts like a dream, and the juicy tomato actually tastes like a tomato. McCabe-Johnston replaces boilerplate iceberg lettuce with romaine, a huge improvement; ditto the herb-packed aioli, which subs for mayonnaise. When asked where I dine on my own dime, Nightingale is one of my stock responses, and this awe-inspiring burger is one of the primary reasons why. -Rick Nelson

2551 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls., 612-354-7060, www.nightingalempls.com

Tomato Dinner!!!

Nightingale is hosting its first Tomato Dinner on Monday, September 9th!  7 courses, with beverage pairings dedicated to local tomatoes, for $75.

Reservations for the 7:00 seating can be made by calling 612.354.7060 or via email, info@nightingalempls.com

Please click on the link below for the full menu.


tomato dinner


It’s Thursday and that means Half Price Wine at Nightingale!  This week we are serving two organic wines.  Our White offering is a Gewurztraminer from Montinore Estate in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  It is medium bodied and quite aromatic with notes of lychee and rose.  Our Red Selection is Padrillos Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina.  This full bodied wine is bold and spicy with notes of tobacco and dark fruit.

Half Price Wine Thursdays!

Nightingale is now offering select half priced wine bottles every Thursday! This weeks

selections will include:

Riesling, Heinz Eifel “Shine” 2001 Mosel

Gamay, Hautes Noelles 2009 France

The wines will change weekly, so please stayed tuned for future offerings!

Star Tribune: Burger Friday

The burger: The classic California cheeseburger lives a very good life at Nightingale, ramped up by the cooking smarts of chef/co-owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston. Let’s break it down, shall we? The patty – which weights in just over the 1/4-lb. – could not be more tantalizing. It’s a half-and-half mix of chuck roast and fatty brisket, and comes with a primo pedigree: family-owned Peterson Limousin Beef near Osceola, Wis. The meat is ground in-house, and it’s so good that the only seasoning that McCabe-Johnston adds is salt, in two stages: permeating the meat while it’s being ground, and sprinkled on the surface of the patty just before it hits the stove. They’re fried on a flattop, with the patties caramelizing in their own juices. “That was a decision I made early on,” said McCabe-Johnston. “I wanted something greasy and delicious. Diner-style, you know? That’s what I love.” Same here. Talk about a big, bold, beefy bite, and the brisket’s creamy fat makes for an outrageously juicy burger experience.

View the Whole Article at star tribune.com

Nightingale is now open for Brunch!

Every Sunday from 10-3, we offer our take on Brunch Classics.  Eggs Benedict with dill cured gravlax, asparagus and preserved lemon hollandaise; Smoked Pork Shoulder with masa cakes, guajillo sauce, avocado salsa and fried eggs; Yeasted Waffles with seasonal fruit and maple syrup and more! Of course, we have delicious Brunch Cocktails as well. Nightingale Bloody Mary, complete with house-pickled green beans and a pony of High Life; Grapelli-Cava, St. Germaine & Raspberry puree; Gin & Juice-Gin, Campari, grapefruit juice & soda water; and more…