Food Service News: Nightingale Takes Flight

Carrie McCabe Johnston and her husband Jasha Johnston dreamt of a little place of their own for over a decade. But as these things go, they had to wait for the right place at the right time. Imbibing at the CC Club one night, the couple said they kept glancing over at the gutted convenience store at 26th Street West and Lyndale Avenue. “That’s it,” they agreed.

You’ll find some subtle NOLA influences throughout, like the shrimp and grits that will appear on the eventual brunch menu, but there’s also a blue booth that Carrie discovered at a beloved New Orleans eatery. She handed that one image to Kate, and the designer got busy. “She also told me that she liked mid-century modern mixed with vintage, and she loves New Orleans, so I just started Googling words and images,” Kate says. “I Googled thousands of them. Finally I came up with this one image.”

That’s where those comfy blue booths come in, as does buttery white upholstery on the chairs and barstools that pop against the otherwise dark room. Wood floors give the effect that the place has been around forever, which is where the classic part of the equation comes in. “We had to be very careful about that—so it will stand the test of time,” Kate says

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