CityPages: Nightingale Lures Twin Cities Night Owls

I had been working in restaurants since I was a teenager, so it was important to us to give people in the industry somewhere to go when their shift is over that serves the whole menu, not just a limited late-night thing.” Limited it’s not, but the spread isn’t overwhelming either.

Divided into snacks, bruschettas, and small plates, McCabe-Johnston’s menu is eclectic with a bit of a French twist. I’d recommend ordering two plates per person and making your own little painter’s palette of food with a spoonful or slice from each dish.

Then get a bit of freshness and crunch with the lively market salad, which is subject to change but for now features figs, fennel, dry jack cheese, and a vinegar-heavy dressing made with walnuts. Finally, get into the real meat of the meal with the braised pork shoulder (Brasa’s influence really comes out in this dish) with roasted red peppers atop little squares of stiffened grits.

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