Star Tribune: Burger Friday

The burger: The classic California cheeseburger lives a very good life at Nightingale, ramped up by the cooking smarts of chef/co-owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston. Let’s break it down, shall we? The patty – which weights in just over the 1/4-lb. – could not be more tantalizing. It’s a half-and-half mix of chuck roast and fatty brisket, and comes with a primo pedigree: family-owned Peterson Limousin Beef near Osceola, Wis. The meat is ground in-house, and it’s so good that the only seasoning that McCabe-Johnston adds is salt, in two stages: permeating the meat while it’s being ground, and sprinkled on the surface of the patty just before it hits the stove. They’re fried on a flattop, with the patties caramelizing in their own juices. “That was a decision I made early on,” said McCabe-Johnston. “I wanted something greasy and delicious. Diner-style, you know? That’s what I love.” Same here. Talk about a big, bold, beefy bite, and the brisket’s creamy fat makes for an outrageously juicy burger experience.

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